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Jeff Olson: Small Changes Add Up

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Jeff OlsenJeff Olson is the founder of Live Happy, and author of the best-selling book The Slight Edge. This month he is being inducted into the Happiness Hall of Fame, and last spring Jeff was a featured speaker at the United Nations during the International Day of Happiness. Below are some key points from his conversation with Kym Yancey:

We are told by so many people to do what I call quantum leap things, and it doesn’t work. They tell us, “You’re going to fix your health, your finances, relationships, etc., in 90 days.” When those huge changes don’t happen in 90 days, people start to doubt themselves, and sometimes feel even worse than when they started.

Small change adds up

My philosophy is about the things you do in the moment. We all have these big dreams and aspirations, but in fact it is the small things we do in the moment that have a cumulative, a compounding effect. You can achieve pretty much anything you want, but the only way you’re going to get that is not through quantum leaps. It’s by doing little things over and over, every single day.

Do the gratitude challenge

To increase happiness, for example, don’t wait for something cataclysmic to happen. You can just start doing three gratitudes a day and in 21 days or 30 days you can literally change the way your neurons in your brain fire and the way you see things.

Giving not only does good, it also feels good

In terms of philanthropy, when you start giving, when you start sharing, you become a better version of yourself. You can help others become better versions of themselves. Then, it just compounds itself.

Living happy

I try to live what we preach. I try to live a positive, happy life. But, more importantly, I try to create things around me like the Live Happy magazine and our website to give people access to information, and to bring the people together.

Recap of the recap:

  1. It’s all about the small things you do in the moment.
  2. Do the little things consistently and persistently.
  3. Stop worrying, just do it.
  4. When you truly become happy you start helping other people become happier

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