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Chuck’s success story: stroke

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After Chuck experienced a stroke, , he became angry, confused, and depressed. Medication made him worse, so his wife set out to find a natural solution. She discovered EMPowerPlusQ96, and Chuck noticed immediate results. Today, he can do things he thought he would never do again, things he took for granted before the stroke.

Here is Chuck’s story:

My name is Chuck. I was an Engineer and my life-long hobby was weight lifting. The fact that I passed the test for the US Navel Academy was an exciting moment in my life. I received a Letter of Commendation from the Army for the work I did on the Bradley Tank (Desert Storm).

In 1998 I had a stroke. I thought, “Oh no, not now.” I had so many things I wanted to do. I was angry, and I would yell. I would cause the caregiver to run out of the house telling my wife I had Alzheimer’s disease. I was confused. I could not communicate clearly. I lost the use of my left arm. Sleep was a big problem and I would keep my wife up all night. I was depressed, isolated and lonely.

The family demanded drugs from the doctor to calm me down. Fortunately, my wife observed the drugs made me worse. She managed to wean me off the drugs. Desperate, she began the research to find some natural supplement to help me.

One morning I could not stand up. I said, “Someone did something terrible to me.” In her research my wife found the web site of EMPowerPlusQ96. She took the research information to our doctor and asked him if she could start me on the micronutrient treatment. He said, “It is pretty straightforward, it is just vitamins. Go ahead and give them to him if you want to.”

The first week I was on the micronutrient treatment, I slept all night. The next two weeks I was able to stand. One evening my wife was coming home from work and the caregiver said, “He is running to meet you.” And I was. My arm was more relaxed and I was able to use it. My speech improved. I could now answer questions or make comments about a conversation. People could understand me. My 13-year-old grandson, Charles, said, “Grandpa is better than he used to be.” He was right.

I went back to see my doctor. He said, “Mr. Simpson, the last time I saw you, you could not even walk. Now look at you!” When he heard about the micronutrient treatment, he said, “Well, congratulations!” He marked on my treatment chart, “Truehope micronutrient treatment.”

To be able to walk, to sleep all night. To be calm and without anger. To communicate my needs. To be able to hold my wife’s hand. To be able to accept a hug from my grandson and love him in return. We take so much for granted.

EMPowerplus has performed a true miracle for me. Anthony Stephan, if it were not for your faith, courage, perseverance, sacrifice and dedication, this product would not be available to me. EMPowerplus was a true gift from God for me.

My wish would be to tell everyone about your micronutrient treatment so others do not suffer the way I did. There is so much I wanted to do.

This is a true testimony. It has been witnessed my family and our family doctor, Dr. Sheldon A Zitman.  For more information, go to:

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