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Fast Food May Increase Depression

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Did you know fast food may be detrimental to your mental health?

Spanish researchers conducted published a study at Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra and published the results in 20121 in Public Health Nutrition. Nearly 9000 people were followed to see if their consumption of fast food such as hamburgers, sausage and pizza and commercial baked goods influenced the risk of depression.

What the researchers found is that among the nearly 500 cases of depression among the participants, there seemed to be a higher risk for depression among those who consumed fast food. No linear relationship was found between the consumption of commercial baked goods and depression.

In our fast-paced world we sometimes rely on fast food to get us through our busy days. As long as we make healthy choices overall we can avoid any potential detriment to our mental and physical health. One way to do this is to include highly absorbable vitamin and mineral supplements such as EMPowerplus Advanced™ as part of our daily regimen.

EMPowerplus Advanced™ contains 36 clinically proven vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids necessary for a healthy body and mind. EMPowerplus Advanced™ can replace those nutrients lost when we don’t have the time we need to eat the whole foods and grains we know we should. As always, check with your doctor or medical practitioner before starting any supplemental regimen.

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