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MPowerplus Q96
You’ve heard about it.  You’ve read about it.  Come hear what else there is to learn about the miracle of micronutrients and mental health.
You are invited to Grand Canyon Summit in Mesa Arizona. With the holiday season in full bloom, January will be here before we know it. If you have questions, please call
Q96Health at 801-915-0945
The Grand Canyon Summit will be held January 9th-10th at the Phoenix Marriott Mesa Hotel.  Those who would like to come who are not a business owner pay only $15.00 per day.  This will be a great opportunity to learn from the corporate staff and top IBO leaders
Learn the 3 keys to the effectiveness of micronutrient use in an ever-growing world of conflicting information about brain and mood health.
  • Hear the miraculous story behind the use of micronutrients for mental health.
  • Discover how a well-balanced, highly bioavailable blend of micronutrients has reduced and eventually eliminated uncontrollable mood swings in patients struggling with Bipolar disorder and what that means for all of us.
  • EMPowerplus Q96 has now been proven in 25 independent scientific research studies to reduce rage, impulsivity and mood swings, while increasing calm, coping and mental clarity – regardless of age or diagnosis.
  • Learn how children and adults are experiencing great results from EMPowerplus Q96 and how it can help you be your best YOU!
Feel free to bring others
For questions, you may call Q96Health at 801-915-0945
Guest Speakers:  Tony Stephans, Dana Stringam, Dr. Stephen Kimberly, Marc Wilson, Daren Hodge and much more

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