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Exiting research on recovery from brain injury using EMPowerplus, a dietary supplement is taking place at the prestigious Canadian Centre for Behavioral Neuroscience, Alberta, Canada.  This research some now completed (based on a Masters Thesis), is soon to be published and is shared here with permission from Celeste Halliwell (Researcher).  This research showed that EMPowerplus enhanced recovery in the brain injured Long Evans Rats.  From a total of 103 animals thirty-eight two to four day old rats received frontal lesions, or the removal of the frontal lobes of their brain.  Twenty three of this group were supplemented with EMPowerplus.  Twenty-four two to four day old rats received posterior pariental lesions or removal of the parietal region of the brain.  Fourteen of this group were supplemented with EMPowerplus.  Both the control and supplemented rats underwent testing for performance in behavioral and skill challenges.

Behavioral Findings:

– The supplement completely reversed the cognitive spatial deficit and partially reversed the motor deficits in the medial frontal lesion animals, and reduced the cognitive deficits in the posterior parietal lesion animals.

– Control rats on the other hand experienced continued severe cognitive spatial deficits from the frontal lesions and posterior parietal lesion controls shows no recovery.

– In the Morris Tank Test “The Rats with frontal lesions were impaired at the task, and this impairment was reversed with the supplement treatment, suggesting a complete recovery of function.”

– The investigators have never seen any other treatment that facilitated recovery from posterior parietal lesions.

Anatomical Finds:

– The supplement treatment significantly increased cortical thickness in both the lesion and control animals”

– “Animals that received the supplement. . .  had larger nuclear areas and many more cells than in the no treatment group.”

See Visual Results in Tomorrow’s Blog

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