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Study On The Role of Nutrients in the Stress Recovery of an Earthquake

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The following is excerpts from a study published online in Wiley Online Library

The catastrophic Christchurch earthquakes of 2010 (Sept 4th) and 2011 (Feb 22nd) were the most destructive natural disasters of this century in New Zealand with widespread destruction of property, dislocation, fatalities, and substantial psychological and physical injury.  Strong aftershocks continued for over 18 months following the main quake (source:  The psychological consequences of natural disasters, including earthquakes, have been well documented including heightened anxiety, fear, and depression, as well as post-traumatic stress.  The adverse impacts of natural disasters continue for months and years after the initial event, the issue of the long-term benefits of any intervention in the acute state is important.

Objective:  The investigation was whether micronutrients given acutely following the earthquakes continued to confer benefits 1 year following treatment.

Methods:  Sixty-four adults from the original 91 participants at 2-3 months following the February 2011 earthquake and who had been randomized to receive three different doses of micronutrients.

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