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Remarkable because of the research that supports its benefits

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A remarkable product called EmpowerPlusQ96 is a vitamin supplement that is unique because of the research that supports its benefits.   It has 25 Clinical Studies, 44 Separate Researchers working at 15 institutions (Including Harvard) that have been published in a remarkable array of different medical journals.  All of these studies supporting the benefits of EMPowerPlusQ96.  Most importantly, all of this research has been done without a dollar of the companies support.  It is truly independent research and it’s this research that makes EMPowerplusQ96 extraordinary.

It’s a complete multivitamin supplement.

Dr. Charles W.  Popper, MD. (Internationally Renowned Professor Emeritus and Founder of Harvard University’s Dep. of Pediatric & Adolescent Psychopharmacology) – after doing research on EMPowerPlus Q96 said:  “…I believe this (clinical) work is already historically pivotal.  Make no mistake!  This is a historically significant piece of work that’s being done.”  

Dr. Bonnie Kaplan (Professor in the Faculty of Medicine (Dep. of Pediatrics Dep. of Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada) said:  “This product will change the way we look at our mental health & happiness.”

EMPowerPlusQ96 starts to work in about 5 – 7 days.  Its remarkable effect is related to the manufacturing process which is both expensive and pains taking.  All the minerals are micro-pulverized and in addition they are chelated over 96 hours.  This allows them to be super absorbable.  It’s like the difference between diesel fuel and rocket fuel in your body.

Some of the most interesting and valuable research that has been done on Q96 was done by Dr. Julia Rucklidge, (Ph.D Dep. Of Psychology, Univ. of Canterbury, in Christ’s Church New Zealand).  Dr. Rucklidge published 2 different papers on the effects of Q96 under the stresses of an Earthquake.  Now these are dramatic stresses.  The infrastructure in the Christchurch, NZ Earthquake was literally destroyed with billions of dollars of damage being done.  Yet the individuals taking EMPowerPlus Q96 seemed to tolerate that stress, some of it posttraumatic, and improve their feelings of depression related to the stress of the earthquake and its aftermath better than individuals who took no supplements at all.  If EMPowerPlus Q96 can help you survive an earthquake and the aftermaths of that earthquake, imagine what it can do to manage just the stresses of everyday basic life.

Imagine how this can help the people you serve.  

EMPowerplus™Q96 has been the subject of numerous articles and television segments. And no wonder – the story of how a nutritional supplement came to be developed and the many personal stories of success are of interest to a great many people.

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