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QRestore PicDr. Stephen Kimberley, Q Sciences’ Chief Science Officer, is sharing his expert
knowledge of Q Sciences products in his monthly newsletter. This month Dr. Kimberley focuses on one of Q Sciences newest products–
Q Restore OTC.
Recently introduced at the Grand Canyon Summit, Q Restore OTC delivers a unique and patented 24 PPM proprietary silver solution that stands above the rest.
Q Restore OTC hydrates and soothes the skin while promoting natural healing from minor cuts, lacerations, abrasions, first and second degree burns, and skin irritations. Click the link below to check out this month’s newsletter.
The History of Health and Silver:
Silver is a fascinating element, and it has been used in different applications for treating burns and healing infections for a long while.  Pioneers used to put a silver dollar in the milk jug as they found this would keep milk from going bad by inhibiting bacterial growth.  Silver is a powerful natural antibiotic as well as a stimulant for tissue healing when applied topically.  In fact, silver nitrate gel (Silvadene) has been the mainstay of burn treatment since the 1940s.  It not only keeps bacterial counts low but also helps promote burn healing with decreased scarring.  However, silver nitrate is toxic and irritating and stains the skin bluish black.
Not Your Dad’s Colloidal Silver
In the 1930s, scientists discovered how to make a colloidal silver solution by running electricity through silver plates.  This process was rather expensive at the time and even though colloidal silver was the first real oral antibiotic, it never achieved widespread use as penicillin and sulfa drugs took over that role.
In the 80s, colloidal silver took off so-to-speak, and many were taking oral colloidal solutions of varying potencies for treating almost everything.  Unfortunately, some people really overdid it, making their own potent collodial silver solutions and taking high doses daily – some of them ended up with argyria, which is a permanent blue discoloration of the skin and eyes.  Colloidal silver solutions are still sold widely, and chronic use poses a significant health threat.
  • Colloidal silver is NOT a solution-based gel like Q Restore OTC, and the silver particles are large and form potentially toxic silver salts rather than non-toxic soluble silver ions.
  • Colloidal silver is made by putting just 110 volts through silver plates, while Q Restore OTC uses 100 times as much (10,000 volts).
  • Colloidal silver is missing one electron in its outer shell, so it can kill bacteria, but Q Restore OTC aqua sol silver is missing two electrons and this makes it far more reactive and “catalytic” in its action.
  • Colloidal silver and other anti-bacterial products have a limited spectrum of a few dozen pathogens, but Q Restore OTC can kill 500 different pathogens without developing any resistance.
  • Colloidal silver products must have up to 30,000 parts per million (PPM) in order to kill may pathogens, but Q Restore OTC aqua silver only needs 10 ppm.

The best way to explain what makes Q Restore OTC a groundbreaking, all-purpose gel is to describe what happens at the atomic level.  The silver ions in the solution used to make Q Restore OTC are bound bio-electrically to the rest of the solution, and this interaction actually creates, or emits, a high frequency of ultraviolet light.  These solutions have been found to resonate at around 900 terahertz, which means that it is a very high-energy solution, and the silver ions literally broadcast healing power to tissues that are under the skin and not in direct contact with the gel.

These statement have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Q Restore OTC used twice daily on the cheeks will suppress the bad bacteria and help stop the inflammation that causes the blood vessels to expand and break.


Let’s use some examples to illustrate how Q Restore OTC helps purify your skin.  Two of the most common and troublesome skin conditions are acne and rosacea, both of which involve reactions to superficial bacterial infections.

  • Acne – Harsh scrubs and cleansers can make acne worse, because it destroys the protective bacteria and leaves the skin open to aggressive bacteria.  Far better to purify the bad bacteria with Q Restore OTC, which will both treat and prevent acne problems.
  • Rosacea – Red cheeks with broken, dilated blood vessels and a nose that grows larger are sign of rosacea.  Heredity and other factors, such as alcohol, are part of the picture, but doctors discovered 30 years ago that rosacea is most often an exaggerated response to inflammatory bacteria on the skin.  Doctors often prescribe potent antibiotic gels and lotions, but these destroy all bacteria, including the good ones.  Q Restore OTC used twice daily on the cheeks will suppress the bad bacteria and help stop the inflammation that causes the blood vessels to expand and break.
  • Cellulitis, boils, etc – Well, this one is a no-brainer!  Q Restore OTC will kill bacteria that are actively invading or infecting the skin.  These can be dangerous infections, so use liberally and frequently along with heat and whatever else is needed to stop the infection.


Q Restore OTC optimizes skin function by preventing, improving, and relieving many difficult skin conditions.  It does so by reestablishing the integrity of the skin, which is, after all, our greatest organ of elimination.

  • Psoriasis and Eczema – These skin conditions are caused by several factors, including heredity, allergies, and fungal irritation.  There is also a breakdown in skin integrity.  Using Q Restore OTC three times daily on affected areas will help soften skin, destroy fungi, and return skin integrity to its optimal state.
  • Fungi – Fungal infections are more common than we realize, and may affect the skin, nails, mouth, rectum, genitals, and sinuses.  Applying Q Restore OTC will help destroy these opportunistic bugs and relieve the itching, redness, and discomfort.
  • Sinusitis and Upper Respiratory Infections (URIs) – Sinusitis is the most common chronic infection in the world, and Q Restore OTC can help improve the bacterial flora in the sinuses and protect against the start of sinus problems and URls.  Putting a small amount of Q Restore OTC on the inside of the nose helps trap and kill harmful bacteria fungi and viruses that may end up causing sinus and upper respiratory infections.  In addition, Q Restore OTC makes nasal and sinus tissue healthier and more resistant to infection.  This is especially important when flying or when exposed to many people during your work or play.  It seems too simple, but it works.
  • Meningitis – Meningitis is a concern for any parent, as it tends to affect children and young adults most often.  I have a friend whose daughter died from meningitis while an Oregon student three years ago, and another student is in critical condition here at the moment.  Meningitis is in the environment and it is estimated that it takes four hours of intermittent exposure to someone harboring the bacteria to become infected.  Vaccines help but they don’t work all the time.  I think it is important for students, soldiers and armed forces personnel, and anyone who is regularly exposed to multiple strangers in close quarters to use the Q Restore OTC nasal treatment I described above.  This is a simple and inexpensive prevention measure that provides reassurance along with real protection.
  • Calluses, Blisters, Bumps and Bruises – Q Restore OTC helps many skin and underlying conditions heal.  If you have a bruise you will notice that it will heal without going through all the colors or the rainbow.  Softening calluses on the feet in very important in preventing plantar warts and cracking.  I really feel that the ultraviolet radiation from the ionic silver penetrates the skin significantly and this results in healing and optimization of deeper conditions.
  • Sunburn, Burns, Insect Bites – These itchy and painful skin conditions will benefit greatly from some Q Restore OTC applied as needed.  In each case, the skin just needs to heal, and Q Restore OTC aids that process greatly.
  • Hemorrhoids – This is an ideal application for Q Restore OTC, and frequently applications will quell the inflammation in the blood vessels and rectal tissue, relieving the pain, swelling, and itching.


Our bodies, skin, sinuses, mouth, etc, are covered with a protective coating of beneficial bacteria.  When we get a cut, a sinus infection, or a dental infection, that coating develops a “hole”, and this opens us up to potentially serious infections.  We are all familiar with MRSA (methicillin – resistant Staph Aureus), which is now present in our environment just waiting to take hold.  My son scraped his knee skateboarding last year and we took the usual precautions, including putting standard antibiotic creams on it regularly.  Two weeks later he bumped his knee on a sharp edge and within hours his knee was twice the normal size and his temperature was up to 104 degrees.  In the emergency room we discovered that he did indeed have MRSA in his knee, even though he had been nowhere but home and school since scraping his knee.  This was a costly and scary episode, and one that could have been completely avoided had we been using Q Restore OTC on his scrape. It shows that MRSA is now pretty much everywhere – and while we don’t notice it normally – any break in our protective sheath of bacteria can change into a potentially life-threatening infection with the slightest provocation.  Using Q Restore OTC at least four times a day on all cuts until they heal in a must if we are to avoid dangerous, invasive infections.

I just witnessed another Q miracle!  My friend Aaron limped up to my door two days ago, unable to put weight on his foot because he has a very deep plantar wart.  This viral wart had literally dug a hole all the way down to the muscles of his foot.  I filled the area with Q Restore OTC and then wrapped it securely and gave him a tube to continue applying in three times a day.  He just sent me this test: “The hole in my foot is nearly healed up.  I owe it all to the Q Restore!”  This is really remarkable as he also noted that the hard callus around it had softened and was coming off.  In his words, he said that his whole foot, which had been a problem for years, felt healthier as if the tissue were coming alive again.  We will continue to treat it, but he saved himself a costly visit to the doctor and a lot of pain and discomfort.  A quick foot rub with Q Restore OTC after visiting the gym or anywhere the virus may spread will help prevent plantar warts, as well as keep calluses soft and manageable.

The bottom line is this:  Q Restore OTC is a cutting edge silver product that provides huge benefits in a small tube.  If used for these and other applications, it can make life a whole lot better by helping to purify and skin and mucous membranes, optimize their function, and protect against infection and invasion from virtually all microbial pathogens.

Yours Qssentially,

Dr. K





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