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Dr. Stephen Kimberly March Newsletter

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Dr. Stephen Kimberly (past Sr. Editor of WebMD, and now Chief Medical Officer at QSciences)

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You may have seen articles on the FDA’s recent study of supplements, and as usual the headlines do not tell the whole story.  Currently, Americans spend $6 billion a year on nutraceutical supplements, which is up from $3 billion a few years ago.  What that tells us is that more and more people are wisely opting for natural forms of healing and health enhancement, and naturally this makes the FDA and the medical-industrial complex rather nervous.  For this reason and others, the powers that be feel it necessary to go on a witch hunt every once in a while and shine a negative light on an industry that is doing far more to improve health than all the drugs doctors prescribe.  That being said, they do the best they can with very limited resources and a huge area to cover, so I think they are just trying to ride herd on things and provide some perspective on the need for quality control in this rapidly growing industry.


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Recent FDA Study
The FDA tested 65,000 herbal supplements, doing a DNA analysis to see if they contained the stated herbs.  Four out of five samples (80%) came back showing little or none of the herbal components, a shocking statistic, even though the supplement industry has correctly pointed out that herbal extracts do not contain DNA and therefore will not show up on standard testing.  The FDA has their hands full trying to ride herd on the pharmaceutical and food industries, so this is their way of showing some oversite of an industry that is too large for them to effectively “regulate” at this point.
The Q Sciences Difference

First of all, let me state most emphatically that all Q Sciences products are guaranteed to be of the highest available purity and potency, and all formulas contain precisely what is listed on the label.  This is a huge advantage, even if only 40% of the other supplements are sub-standard or falsely stated.  We use some herb extracts, but also many who herbs, depending on which is better, and all amino acid and other vitamin, mineral, and applicable nutraceutical components are

USP Pure.
USP Pure means that tyrosine, for example, is 99.% pure L-tyrosine and fit for pharmaceutical grade use.

Herbs are fresh processed and of the highest quality available.  These are messages we can take to our customers with the utmost confidence, and the same cannot be said for many supplements-perhaps up to 80% in fact.  This is a big selling point, as there is clearly a purity and reliability issue with the majority of available supplements.  Q Sciences’ supplements are produced with an “airtight’ system designed to fully comply with FDA standards, meaning that our facilities get certified ingredients with guaranteed purity and potency directly from suppliers, and the origin can be verified from raw ingredients to finished products. This assurance is important to remember when you give our products to family, friends, and clients.

At our doctor’s meeting at the Grand Canyon Summit, a colleague asked why we have not gotten FDA approval for EMPowerplus Q96, etc.  The FDA does not give “approval” for any supplements other than to say that they have the ingredients that they say they have, and they only investigate a formula if there is an issue or potential toxicity.  Things are a bit different in Canada, and Tony Stephan tells me, “EMPowerplus Q96, Q Calcium and Magnesium and Q Amino Acids all have NPN licenses on the product.  While these are under the Canadian regulations, GMP Standards must be approved by Health Canada

Independent lab results must attest to product safety as well as product contents (label claims) on an annual basis.  It is the highest standard in the world.”
Tips for Optimal Use of Q Sciences’ Products.
One of the many things that sets Q Sciences apart from the rest of the herd is trust – you trust us with delivering the best products and values, and we in turn trust you to pass the right information on to others as you spread the word about these great products.  For this reason, we strive endlessly to provide you with the information and support you need to do that.  We also trust you with our ‘flexible dosing’ parameters, so that you can adjust the dosage to fit the circumstances and teach others to do the same.  Try this:  take a look at other supplements on the shelf in any store and notice that the suggested usage is usually very restrictive, meaning that you take two a day regardless.  What we put on the label in terms of dosages is the “average” effective dose, emphasis on the word  “average“.  While we are likewise restricted in what we can put on limited label space, we also provide more detailed background information to allow you to logically adjust dosage to accommodate differences in size, sex, heredity, and health situation.
Think about this for a moment.  If the husband weighs 220 pounds and has a history of bipolar disorder and anxiety, he will usually require a higher dosage of EMPowerplus Q96 than his 110-pound wife who feels fine.  So don’t get locked into the suggested use of two twice daily, even though that is a perfect average dose.  We have many who benefit greatly from taking four, five, and even six or more EMPowerplus Q96 a day, and who have taken these higher doses for many years with sustained effects.  On the other hand, there are sensitive individuals who get maximum benefit from taking as little as one capsule a day and no more.  While we recommend that the afternoon dose not be taken after dinner to avoid over stimulation before bed, not everyone reacts that way.  Some actually find that taking half of their daily dose before bed helps them sleep.  This seems counter intuitive, as EMPowerplus Q96 can be a potent energy booster, but I can understand it, as there is so much variation in brain needs and metabolism.  That what works for one may not work for another.  The best way to discover your optimal dosing schedule is to experiment a bit, so pass this on to your friends and family, especially if they have not fully experienced the results they are looking for.
“The superior level of education and information provided by Q Sciences in this regard is one of the many things that set us apart from the rest.”
It is important to understand that we are all unique genetically, as well as from the biochemical and physiological standpoint-meaning what is an average dose for one person may be too much or too little for another.  The motto is “start low and go slow”- our products are potent.  With Q Vitalize, start with less than the average dose of five capsules and work up to higher doses and the situation dictates.  If you feel great on four EMPowerplus Q96 and four Q Vitalize a day then stick with it-over time things may change, the body’s receptors re-calibrate, and the dosage can be adjusted up or down as indicated.  For example, when I was on vacation I had few demands on my energy other than surging, so I cut back on the dosage accordingly.  This is important because I knew that once back to work, I would have more drains on my energy and emotions and that I would be more responsive to the usual dose by virtue of backing off for a week.  If you don’t work on Sunday, take a day half-off in terms of dosages.
So the trust we have in you is that you will represent our products to the best of your ability and you can feel free to adjust the dosages within reasonable parameters depending on your response. This is a huge deal, and while we can’t put all this on the labels, the superior level of education and information provided by Q Sciences in this regard is one of the many things that set up apart from the rest.  In other words, your reasonable common-sense judgement, knowledge, and product expertise is a key part of the equation in fine-tuning individual dosing for yourself and others.  So pat yourself on the back and take this role with gladness.
While on vacation I made sure that I had all the essential Q Sciences products in my bags. Here are some vacation stories:

 – Naturally, QBiotics was key in keeping our GI tracts free from problems, as having a strong intestinal biome goes a long way in preventing E. coli, amebas, and other serious infections.  I made sure the whole family took their QBiotics.

– One day I took a huge gulp of some tap water (duh!) so I immediately took four QBiotics and followed up with more, as higher doses help establish the colonies and can be used to jump-start or restart your intestinal biome.

– A friend just returned from Mexico and was not so fortunate, have lost 10 pounds to Montezuma’s Revenge, but this improved once I got him started on QBiotics.

– My 85-year-old mother-in-law brightened up noticeably with EMPowerplus Q96 and Q Vitalize, and this program will help slow mental decline and dementia.  I mixed the caffeine and non-caffeineQ Vitalize (3 each) and she noticed that she had much more energy and stamina.

Q Restore OTC really came in handy, and helped prevent sunburn when used after intense sun exposure.  My wife and son were both stung by a mild jellyfish, which caused immediate blistering, itching, and pain.  Using Q Restore OTC not only relieved the pain and itching, but the blisters and discoloration responded well to frequent then applications.

Q Restore OTC also worked wonders on coral scrapes, which have a tendency to become infected and inflamed.  In some cases the coral actually grows in the wound, and back in the day we poured straight alcohol on the coral cuts to prevent this.  With Q Restore OTC, not only is the cut sterilized, but the tissue starts healing much faster than with any other treatment.

– My son swears by eQuivalent+ with Xanthones, and noticed that a nice fruit smoothie with a scoop resulted in more strength and less muscle soreness after exercise, and this is important when you are engaging in sports or trying to gain muscle mass and strength.ur work and our people are regularly covered in publications around the world.


Condition Management
Finally, I would like to address the issue of “condition management” and how that relates to you. We are very fortunate to have formulas that are very effective in improving a wide range of health and mental/emotional disorders, and in the case EMPowerplus Q96 we have an abundance of reliable and reputable clinical information to support that use in a number of conditions.  As Our Attorney, in all his legal wisdom, regularly reminds us, you cannot say that taking any product will cure, or even help, a specific health condition, unless you are a healthcare provider who is credentialed to treat said condition.  You can, however, tell people that others with their condition have felt much better and had fewer symptoms while taking the product.  We have to go by the credo “first do no harm”, and if we tell someone that they can stop all their meds once they start on the product we may not be helping them at all.  It you are taking meds, we always refer you back to the prescribing doctor for guidance, and while Micronutrient Support can help guide that process, it is the doctor and the patient who bear responsibility for their medication and condition management. Getting this simple, but important message communicated is absolutely necessary. We trust that you will represent the products in the best possible manner, bearing in mind that these are not medications but supplements that benefit health, and taking them is a personal choice.
Working with your Healthcare Provider
Granted, many doctors will simply tell them that the product is not useful in their condition and that they need to keep taking their meds forever.  This is unfortunate, but it is usually due to ignorance, misinformation, and a lack of understanding about micronutrients in general.  They fear what they do not understand, and are too invested in one methodology already.  As such, it is often a waste of energy to try and convince them otherwise, so there are times when the patient may have to take steps on their own, as in the final analysis they do have free will to do as they see fit in terms of supplements, etc.
The key to working with, rather than against, your healthcare providers is to communicate how your symptoms have improved since starting the product and to relay that information to their doctor.  If you go to your doctor and say, “I have been taking x for years now and would like to wean off of it if possible.  I have been taking EMPowerplus Q96 (etc) for a few weeks and I feel much better and will continue taking it. (In fact, I cut my pills in half and feel great).”  If presented in this manner, more good doctors will be more than willing to cooperate, more so than if you tried to ram something down their throat.  Presenting your doctor with the printed journal articles on the use of EMPowerplus Q96 in depression, bipolar disorder, etc, should convince them in short order (if they are willing to read it).  It may not be necessary to disrupt the doctor-patient relationship in order to make the changes you want to make, and if the doctor is completely resistant to this approach, it may be time to look for a new, more open-minded, physician.  After all, that is your choice.
We are so fortunate to be involved with a company that puts people first, and together we can accomplish great things!  We are all focused on improving the quality of life and wellbeing of the people we contact.  We know these products work, and they work so much better than the rest of the pack that it is not even close.  The FDA study demonstrates that most of the herbal supplements available are vastly misrepresented, so we can feel really good about knowing that Q Sciences guarantees the purity and potency of all ingredients.  There are more wonderful products and opportunities on the horizon!
Yours Quintessentially,
Dr. K



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