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Dr. Kimberley’s May Newsletter

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Supplements have been in the news lately for a variety of reasons, and as this multi-billion dollar health industry evolves there are some good things and some not so good things that result.  One thing that has been coming up a lot lately and will always be an issue, is that of competing supplement programs that often tout their products aggressively and without scientific basis.  You may have heard that Dr. Oz is being chastised by doctors, alleging that he has been promoting weight loss supplements with no scientific basis.  This is a witch-hunt no doubt, but it reaffirms the need to be as scientific as possible when promoting our products.  While is often challenging to achieve a solid scientific foundation for ingredients that have shown to be anecdotally effective in weight loss, it is important to make the effort and to not overstate claims.

Overstating weight loss and other claims is a common problem, and as the Internet has grown in influence it is very difficult to see the forest for the trees.  For every good supplement there are a thousand bogus products.  Many of these have been tested and found to not contain the listed ingredients.  This is an entirely different problem, and one that is rampant in the industry.  Network marketing has been targeted as the main offender, but I can assure you that is not the case.  That being said, there are more “programs” coming to light that are clearly misleading and potentially harmful.

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Dr  Bill and I are often called upon to investigate emerging product lines in competitive analysis, and thus far all have fallen way short of the Q Sciences mark.

Important Things To Remember:

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery:  Lately there have been a number of companies promoting products that claim to rejuvenate the brain and there are some telltale signs that indicates attempts to duplicate Q Sciences’ success in that area. Many cite “chelation” as a part of their formulas, but if you look carefully you will see they refer to single minerals as being chelated.

Chelation, which comes from the Greek word for claw, merely means that one substance has been bound to another. Prior to the advent of EMPowerplusTM Q96, I had never seen the term used for a supplement.  We have Tony Stephan to thank for appropriately naming this 96-hour process in which all ingredients are chelated as a group and bound to organic “ligands” or links.  Most of these refer to “glycoprotein matrix,” which simply says that they are to proteins and sugars, not necessarily organic ligands.  The EMPowerplusTM Q96 chelation process is unique in this industry and is a big part of this products’ efficacy.  It is a costly and difficult process no doubt, but well worth it, as it changes the nature of all the mineral components, making them more absorbable and bioactive.

qVitalizeScientific Studies:  EMPowerplusTM Q96 is without a doubt the most widely studied multi-nutritional supplement available. Other companies cite “clinical studies” as validating efficacy, but if you look closely at the references you will quickly determine the studies are usually related to single ingredients that are present in EMPowerplusTM Q96 or Q Vitalize.  For example, one such company stated that there were more than 1500 studies on their product, when in fact, all of those were on single ingredients, such as vitamin B12, and had nothing to do with their product as a whole.  We had a laugh today as we pressed another group for their validation studies and they sent one on fish.  Human studies are key, clearly, although the rat brain studies with EMPowerplusTM Q96 demonstrate regrowth of brain tissue, and are therefore relevant.

Follow The Money:  Bill has done a great job sleuthing out the financial connections between the researchers and study “doctors” and the same doctors who promote the products. The fact is that most of the studies we encounter associated the products are bought and paid for by the company.  At the end of the article you may see the financial links, as they are obliged to report them, and when a study is being called a valid clinical study, the influence research and design have on outcomes is considerable.

Consider this!! Q Sciences has never paid for any research studies or articles – this means we have literally millions of dollars in valid scientific research for EMPowerplus Q96

As Q Sciences forges new ground as a comprehensive health improvement company, we continue to lead the way with a very careful product selection process.  People who feel they have the perfect product often approach us, but as is often the case, we find upon investigation that the science is lacking.  Sometimes it is something as simple as detecting a clear problem with the ingredients, such as a lack of balance in the vitamins and minerals;  When we review a product that has a “new” ingredient, which is often ill defined and referred to by a non-scientific name, we look at the research, if there is any, and go from there.


Recently, we did a competitive analysis of a brain rejuvenation formula that contains an extract form coffee beans.  It was clear this compound really had no benefit over a cup of coffee or the green coffee extract.  It was also clear this single molecule would be expensive and may be less effective in improving brain function than whole herb or a whole herb extract, such as is used in Q Vitalize.  We now know that the terpenes, which are vital plant chemicals found in whole herbs, are important in modifying the effects of the bioactive components and are in fact bioactive themselves.  This is called “the entourage effect,” and is one of the reasons we use whole herb or whole herb extracts in Q Vitalize and EMPowerplusTM Q96.  In other words, this company created their product around a single chemical, simply because that had been isolated during research into the brain benefits of coffee.  Without the associated caffeine and terpenes, however, the benefits are not as apparent and no human studies had been done to demonstrate the purported brain rejuvenation.

Copycat products and competing programs will always come around.

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