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Dr. K’s Q Sciences MONTHLY NEWSLETTER – Edition 8, June 2015

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When Tony Stephan showed graphs at last month’s Rocky Mountain Summit indicating no less than 80% reduction in available minerals in foods compared to 80 years ago, I had an epiphany.  Clearly, as Tony astutely theorizes, the accelerating incidence of mental and emotional problems that have been observed over the last 50 years is at least in large part due to chronic subclinical mineral deficiencies.  This also explains why people experience so much relief when they start taking EMPowerplusTM Q96.*

For the purposes of discussion I will focus on just one key mineral, magnesium, which is provided in a highly bioavailable, chelated form in every capsule of EMPowerplusTM Q96.  The following quotations from a recent study help illustrate the growing interest in the role of nutrition in improving symptoms of depression and other mental disorders.*Calcium pic

“Magnesium plays a role in many of the pathways involved in the pathophysiology of depression and is found in several enzymes, hormones, and neurotransmitters.  Depression and magnesium both are associated with systemic inflammation.  National data indicate a significant portion of the population has a magnesium intake below the estimated average requirements.  Magnesium supplementation has been linked to improvements in symptoms of major depression, premenstrual symptoms, postpartum depression, and chronic fatigue syndrome.  Low magnesium status has been associated with increased depressive symptoms in several different age groups and ethnic populations.*”

Emily K. Tarleton, MS, RD, Benjamin Littenberg, MD, Magnesium Intake and Depression in Adults, J Am Board Fam Med. 2015;28(2)”249-256.

As you can see, this one mineral is involved in multiple aspects of brain and body chemistry, so you can imagine the accumulated benefits to mood and overall health from taking a truly balanced, chelated mineral and vitamin supplement such as EMPowerplusTM Q96.  It is way past due that doctors start paying close attention to how such a combined supplement can improve common and disabling mental and emotional disorders.  In January of last year a researcher in New Zealand, Dr. Julia Rucklidge, published a double blind placebo study in the British Journal of Psychiatry on ADHD and associated moderate to severe depression using EMPowerplusTM Q96, and found that those taking EMPowerplusTM Q96 had a significant reduction in their symptoms, with improved overall functioning and social interactions.  According to the investigators, the EMPowerplusTM Q96 micronutrient treatment resulted in “statistically robust improvements in several indices, from ADHD symptoms to global assessment of functioning, compared with placebo.”  Both she and Dr. Bonnie Kaplan lauded the study as being one of the first, if not the first, non-manufacturer funded, double blind, multiple micronutrient study.*

  1. Rucklidge, MD., Micronutrient Supplement May Ease Adult ADHD, Boost Mood. Medscape. Jan 30, 2014.

“EMPowerplusTM Q96 has more clinical proof of efficacy and benefit than any other multi-supplement and not a dime has been paid for all that great research!”


“Another important aspect that is novel is that the researchers are independent academic scientists, and the study was not funded by any manufacturers.  One could not make this statement about most medication trials.  Another very important novelty is that they studied a broad-spectrum vitamin plus mineral formula, which is likely the way in which humans have evolved to need nutrients.  Single-nutrient research does not respect the fact that we need all these vitamins and minerals every day, and in balance.  This means this vitamin plus mineral intervention is more ecologically valid than many studies,” Dr. Kaplan said.*

I cannot overemphasize what a huge feather Dr. Rucklidge’s study on EMPowerplusTM Q96 is in the Qsciences cap.  Like most doctors, when I want the latest and best clinical information I go to the WebMD-owned Medscape website.  For the last 15 months, every doctor who searches for “minerals” or micronutrients” gets this article as the FIRST link-that is really saying something.  With regards to this landmark study, Jerome Sarris, PhD, MHSc. Senior research fellow, Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne, Australia, stated:

“Minerals and vitamins work in synergy, and combinations are often required for the body to utilize to perform many neurochemical activities (such as those that influence maintaining concentration or mood).”

This is a very important take-home message, as up to this point, nutritional supplements have been hampered by the fact that previous studies were on single micronutrients, and that does not even begin to tell the whole story.  Consider this for a moment EMPowerplusTM Q96 has more clinical proof of efficacy and benefit than any other multi-supplement and not a dime has been paid for all that great research!  The same cannot be said for most pharmaceutical products.

Now, when Tony showed the graphs on food and soil mineral content over the past 100 years, I was astounded.  I knew that our soils have become devitalized, but I had no idea how severely.  This explains a lot, as mental, emotional, and physical illnesses continue to increase at epidemic proportions.  The pharma industry has tried to make us believe that we all had a Prozac deficiency, but the body quickly figures out that ruse and promptly adjusts the serotonin receptors, so that any improvements are very short lived and hampered by severe anti-depressant side effects and withdrawal symptoms.  It is so much smarter and simpler to replace the lacking minerals with EMPowerplusTM Q96 balanced and chelated formula.  It is no wonder that people respond so quickly and positively when the body has what it needs to function optimally.*

A Micronutrient Boost

GroundAs you know, EMPowerplusTM Q96 has a broad array of micronutrients, including herbs such as ginkgo and grape seed extract, and amino acids phenylalanine, glutamine, and methionine.  These added elements serve to catalyze the essential micronutrients and boost the positive impact on brain function, and ginkgo alone has been shown to improve cognition in dementia patients.  I am often asked if there are any side effects and/or concerns about these ingredients, and the short answer is a resounding no.  It should be noted, however, that gingko in large doses may increase bleeding, and while blood thinning helps prevent plaque build-up in the arteries, doctors may note that ginkgo in the ingredients as a risk for those taking blood thinners.  By design, eight capsules of EMPowerplusTM Q96 contains less than a tenth of the average therapeutic dose of gingko, so it is highly doubtful that there would be any excess bleeding concerns.  I bring this up because it may come up with your doctor or clients, and for absolute safety is wise to discontinue EMPowerplusTM Q96 for a week prior to major surgery.*


Vitamin D in the News

In other news, vitamin D has recently been shown to reduce melanoma risk considerably, especially in the 30% of people who have a genetic variant that increases melanoma risks.  This is big news and another reason why it is essential to take your eight sprays of Q D3 every day.  I have had a melanoma myself, and even though I don’t know if I have that genetic variant, an ounce of prevention is worth a lot of cure!*

Raquel al. Melanoma Risk Associated With Gene Related to Vitamin D Metabolism, Cancer, June 2008

Vit D Pic

As you know, we are not prone to rest on our laurels and our standard is to always offer the highest quality and most effective products of the market.  This is the best time to be a part of the Q Family.  You are in the right place with the right company!

All my best,

Dr K

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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