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Dr. Kimberley’s December Newsletter

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Greetings, Q People! Once again, I am blessed with the opportunity to spread some wonderful Q Sciences product news. As you know, our motto and mantra is POP-Purify, Optimize, and Protect – and our brand new Q Cleanse product really helps deliver all those benefits to the body by the way of improved intestinal health.

Q Cleanse is the brainchild of Dr. Dejia Zhang, M.D., who is our Director of International Development. I worked with Dr. Zhang to dial in this formula, and not only do I heartily approve of it, but I am very impressed with the comprehensiveness and usefulness of this potent cleansing formula for the liver and intestines.Dec Cleanser
We know that the intestines, along with the bacterial “biome” they contain, are key in determining overall body health. As any gastroenterologist will tell you, the intestinal system also includes the liver and the gallbladder, and all segments work together to digest our food and help keep our bodies cleansed and free from diseases and toxins. As such, this formula addresses all those aspects, and it contains powerful herbal extracts known to benefit the liver, gallbladder, and intestines. While this may act as a mild laxative at first in some people, it is not designed just to loosen the bowels, but rather to tone them, which is an entirely different matter.
This concentrated liquid extract formula, especially when combined with Q Fiber, acts as a drawing cleanser that gently and efficiently removes undesirable toxins and waste from the body. The glycerin extract contains a very comprehensive combination of herbs. The first thing you will notice is the very bitter taste, but don’t let that stop you! In fact, it is precisely that bitterness that is the hallmark of herbs that help tone the intestines and stimulate the liver and gallbladder functions. The use of “bitters” for their value in this regard has been around for centuries if not longer, as traditional herbalists understood the value of the bitter plant essences in counterbalancing the diet and promoting health.
Dec Herbs
Jennifer McLagan, in her book Bitter (Zen Speed Press, 2014), states: “Bitter is not simply a reaction on the tongue, but also includes many different signals in the brain. The research in this area is developing rapidly and encompasses everything from anatomy and genetics to culture.” I have used and recommended various types of bitters for over 30 years, and have found them to be an essential tool for intestinal and whole-body health. This combination is particularly concentrated, about four times more so than standard bitters that contain fewer herbs. We use glycerin extracts, not alcohol, and this is another plus as anyone can use it, including children in lesser doses of a few drops in juice.
What’s in Q Cleanse?
Aloe Vera Leaf Extract – Known to soothe the intestinal lining while acting as a mild laxative, as well as a prebiotic that fosters good bacterial growth. Aloe also helps improve blood sugar metabolism, which reduces the risks for diabetes and pre-diabetes.1
Milk Thistle Seed Extract -This marvelous herb contains silymarin, which has been shown to promote healthy liver function.2 It is perhaps the best and most well known herbal liver cleanser. It can be safely taken on a daily basis for long periods.
Cascara Sagrada – This means “sacred bark” in Spanish and this wonderful herb has been highly valued by the indigenous people in the Americas for hundreds of
years. It is still prescribed by herbalists in Mexico as the premier herbal liver cleanser and purgative (cleanser). It is a strong bowel stimulant, but does not generally cause much cramping or diarrhea at these doses, although some of that is a good thing! It has the unique ability to squeeze the gall bladder and the channels (sinusoids) in the liver that get clogged with metabolic waste. There have been some reports that cascara and aloe might increase radiation-related bowel cancer risks, but several studies have shown this not to be the case.3 In fact, cleansing the intestines reduces cancer risks as the nitrosamines and other metabolic waste chemicals have less time in contact with the intestinal lining. The dosage of cascara in Q Cleanse is small and appropriate and most certainly carries far more benefits than risks, even with longer-term daily use. Nonetheless, we recommend that Q Cleanse liquid be used one week on with one week off as this adds to its effectiveness.
Burdock Root Extract – Burdock root has been found to have significant antioxidant activity 4 that helps protect the liver. It contains compounds that scavenge harmful free- radicals, which helps reduce the risks for cancers while protecting liver cells from damage related to toxins, such as alcohol and environmental toxins.

Turmeric Root Extract – This herb has known anti- inflammatory properties via curcumins. This helps calm the intestinal lining, and if there are issues with colitis, or gluten sensitivity,5 this is a huge plus, although it helps everyone by promoting better digestion. Another plus is that it has been shown to help prevent certain kinds of cancers.

Red Clover Blossoms Extract – Red clover has been touted for its anti-cancer properties for many years. It acts with the other herbs to actually calm the emotions, and therefore the intestines by stimulating hormone receptors,6 and was revered by the Native Americans for its healing effects.

Dandelion Root Extract – Dandelion, while not appreciated in the lawn, is a tried-and-true liver cleanser with a long and venerable history. It acts along with burdock, artichoke, and gentian to purge the liver, cut inflammation, and encourage healthy liver cell growth.7
It has been proven in clinical studies to protect the liver against toxicity from acetaminophen (Tylenol) overdoses.
Cilantro Leaf Extract – Cilantro is a cleansing herb with many healing properties. This stands to reason as it contains high concentrations of antioxidants.
Gentian Root Extract – Gentian is the classic bitters herb, and many years ago the use of gentian bitters supposedly protected the Panama Canal workers from deadly yellow fever. In daily use, gentian helps lift the mood and tone the intestinal lining.
Ginger Root Extract – Ginger has too many health benefits to list. It improves the appetite as well as the intestinal biome by inhibiting harmful bacteria.
Q Sign Sept
Astragalus Root Extract – Astragalus8 is revered in Asia as an immune system tonic. Concentrated extracts of astragalus have been found to reverse damage to DNA telomeres caused by aging and disease. It is a superior herb in many respects and is best taken regularly. Regular use of astragalus has been shown to benefit diabetes,9 heart disease, herpes, and even allergies,10 and this is
just a partial list. It even protects against radiation and chemotherapy toxicities.
Artichoke Leaf Extract – Artichoke is a thistle, and like milk thistle, contains alkaloids that stimulate healing in the liver. It works even better when combined with milk thistle and dandelion root in Q Cleanse.
Oregano Leaf Oil – Oregano oil helps purify the intestinal biome, suppressing bacteria that are harmful and stimulating the mucosal lining of the bowel. It is potent and effective in small doses.
Cayenne Fruit Extract – Capsicum, present in cayenne peppers, has anti-inflammatory effects that extend throughout the body due to its ability to deplete the harmful “substance P” that is the main culprit in pain and tissue inflammation. It is particularly useful for hemorrhoids and rectal itching, and regular use excellent prevention for these common problems.
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Dec Man and Lady Herbs
Introducing Q Fiber
This wonderful fiber supplement is the perfect complement to Q Cleanse liquid drops. The main ingredient in Q Fiber is psyllium seed husk, combined with oat fiber, artichoke, burdock, and other important sources of fiber and phytonutrients, such as fenugreek seed. The addition of garlic, cinnamon, and other herb extracts help magnify the benefits from the cleansing extracts, plus adds the bulk that is needed for proper cleansing of the intestines. Just having this type of bulk helps absorb toxins, while helping expand the bowel and eliminate cramps that sometimes come with healthy intestinal functions.
In short, Q fiber balances the cleansing actions of the liquid formula, aiding in the elimination of toxins, which are drawn up into the sponge-like fibers. This combination is truly the much sought-after “drawing” program, which pulls metabolic wastes and toxins into the lower intestines (colon) where they can be safely and regularly eliminated.
 Tips for Using Q Cleanse:
  • Do not use Q Cleanse if you are pregnant or have a history of ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, chronic diarrhea, or acute abdominal pain (which may indicate appendicitis or other underlying conditions). It is great for simple spastic colitis however.Dec new product
  • Take 1-2 full droppers in 4 ounces of water on an empty stomach. You can increase it to twice daily, so up to 4 droppers full a day. Taking it before meals helps stimulate the digestion. This can be repeated again, but give your body a chance to adjust for a few days before upping the dose.
  • Using Q Cleanse in the morning works but anytime is fine as long as you have not eaten in an hour or two.
  • Use Q Cleanse daily for one week, with a week or so break when just the fiber formula is taken. Pulsing the program like this helps your intestines retain the ability to work. Adding the Q Fiber daily is a huge benefit.
  • This is a balanced herbal formula and the laxative action is just one aspect, and no problems have been associated with long-term use of these herbs on this schedule-nonetheless, taking a week off and a week on is a good idea to keep the bowel’s ability to eliminate without added stimulation.
  • Coconut water, kombucha, and natural fruit juices can also be used and may make it less bitter. This is only for those who really can’t swallow it without some sweetness, but taking it straight in water is really best for stimulating the “bitter” receptors in the brain and body.
  • Hydration is extremely important for promoting healthy bowel movements; so drink several glasses of clear, pure water a day for good measure along with your usual liquid intake.Dec Water
Remember the bitterness is actually part of the magic, as the brain and taste buds respond well to the bitter flavors, which is part of the healing and cleansing. The liquid cleanse formula gently stimulates the smooth muscles lining the intestines, promoting full evacuations.

If you experience minor cramping or frequent loose stools while using it, that is just the cleansing power doing its thing. Taking Q Fiber daily will actually add bulk and firm things up, as well as reducing any associated cramping. Just go with it, and gradually that will be less of an issue. The bitterness goes away but the benefits stay!

Dr K


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