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How Important is Your Water

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jan front

I’m excited to start out 2016 by sharing with you some of the exciting features and benefits of Q Sciences’ newest product-HQO. Simply replacing your water with HQO water is a great way to Purify, Optimize, and Protect your health.

On average, our bodies are over 70% water, and as we age that amount gradually decreases. Babies are 78% water, and they have healthy cells as a result. People with more fatty tissue have less water in their bodies. Better hydration can mean better cell health and tissue function, and there are many factors that affect hydration. Unfortunately, most of the water we put in our bodies is what I would term “low quality.” It may be contaminated with bacteria, toxins, chlorine, fluoride, and arsenic.
At my house we have well water, and while that helps
to eliminate the chlorine and fluoride present in most
city water, it still has small amounts of arsenic, and that increases cancer risks over the years. Water that travels in pipes may contain high levels of toxic metals, including lead from galvanized pipes and solder joints. Distilling water is not a great solution, as it takes out all of the minerals and degrades it to some extent.
Filtering is just one part of improving water quality, but there are many types of filters, and many of them are incomplete and don’t get changed when needed. Bottled water may not be a good solution either, as once it is put in plastic bottles and shipped halfway around the world in varying temperatures, the chemicals (Phthalates (DEHP) can leach into the water and damage our health in various ways. In fact, much of the potable water in the world now contains various foreign chemicals, including drugs and industrial wastes that can affect our hormonal systems, nerves, and other tissues adversely. If you are drinking eight or more glasses of water a day, as most of us should, the amount of contaminants can reach considerable proportions. If we all had a pure mountain spring in our backyards, water would not be as big a problem, but sadly, that is not usually the case!

Q Sign Sept

Next Generation Hydration

So, with all these issues, how can we safeguard and improve our “water-health?” Q Sciences has partnered with leading water experts to bring you HQO. First of all, it is essential to understand that water is much more than a static mix of hydrogen and oxygen. Water has many properties and aspects that determine how it reacts in the body. Dr. Gerald Pollack, University of Washington professor of bioengineering, has discovered that water has a fourth state: a gel-like crystalline substance in which the hydrogen and oxygen atoms line up, so to speak. This changes the way the water works in the body, making it more “reactive” with the cells and tissues, which promotes better hydration, among other things. Once you have structured the water, depending on the degree of “structure,” it immediately begins to lose those properties, most of which will be gone in a day or two, which is why you just can’t effectively bottle it and sell it in stores.
There are several ways to structure water, but the best way is to change the electrical charges on the hydrogen and oxygen atoms by electrolysis. The HQO system separates the water into an alkaline (reduced) water for drinking, and an acidic, or oxidized, form as waste or for special uses. We call the reduced restructured water HQO Water Levels 1 through 4. pH is one measurement of the restructured water. It will typically range from pH8 – pH 9.5. HQO lets you select the “power” of your water at the touch of a button. That’s very important, as not all water is created equal. Most city water is pH 7 or so. My well water can get up to pH 9 in the summer, but HQO still processes the water accordingly, filters it and splits it into 2 streams, so it works for ANY water.
Higher pH also means reduced risks for kidney stones
– which is nice! There are also a variety of uses of the
acidic water to combat intestinal infections, such as
E.coli and the helicobacter bacteria that causes ulcers. While pH is part of the equation another measurement is called ORP, which stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. This is an electrical measurement of the water.  If it’s a

positive number it’s an oxidizing agent, if it’s a negative number it’s an antioxidant. Like a golf score, the lower the number the better. Most bottled waters, soft drinks, and mineral waters will have positive ORP of 300 or more, HQO will typically be negative 300 or more, providing you and your family with a huge amount of powerful antioxidants.

The HQO system is a patented electrolysis and state-of –
the-art filtering system that uses 14 platinum plates and 375 volts of electricity-more than any other similar system. In fact, when compared with bottled water, HQO is not only far superior in all respects, but it costs less than six cents a quart, compared to a dollar or more. Over time this adds up to huge savings and even greater health benefits, when you consider that drinking from a plastic bottle actually harms your health.
Ionizing and filtering water through this system creates, in my opinion, the best water you can put in your body.  Most

water filters remove some impurities but also remove key minerals, and if they are removed by distillation, or reverse osmosis (RO), the water becomes “dead,” as minerals help promote correct electrical charges on the water molecules. Dr. Tim McKnight, who has just joined Q Sciences as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board, is an expert on water quality and a big proponent of the HQO system. He’s not only a medical doctor, but he also received his bachelor’s degree in nutrition, a master’s degree in nutrition, then went on to do his PhD in nutrition, before he went to medical school. We are very pleased to have him on board and in his excellent book, Confessions of a Skeptical Physician, he discusses his “conversion” into an ionized water system proponent. I highly recommend this book, in which he does an excellent job of explaining the importance of water quality in health promotion. Naturally, in accordance with FDA regulations, we make no specific health claims with regards to any products. Nonetheless, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist (or have a PhD in nutrition), to appreciate the immense health value that accrues from consistently drinking high quality water. After all, we are mostly water, and water has an electronic memory that continues to act in the body long after it is absorbed.

Dr. Tim puts it very eloquently on page 39 of his book:
“Bottom line: by hydrating with ionized, antioxidant-rich, and superior tissue-and cellular-penetrating water, we can bathe every cell, every tissue with the most predominant, important, and healing molecule the body can use. Nothing could be simpler or more important than this single practice!”  As you
know, oxidation is the enemy of the cells, and as we get older oxidation and free-radical damage becomes accumulative. HQO water, by its ability to donate hydrogen ions, works as an antioxidant. For this reason, it is most beneficial to take in high quality water as often as possible, as this effect can help deter the oxidative effects that accompany devitalized foods and environmental pollution. There have been many clinical studies on the health effects of “electrolyzed-reduced” water, which is another way to describe HQO. You will find summaries of over 40 studies in the back of Dr. Tim’s book.

* Liver protection:  Mice were given this water and then exposed to a powerful liver toxin and were protected compared to the control group.1

Anti-Cancer: Leukemia cells were destroyed selectively when exposed to this water2
These two studies are not in live humans, but they demonstrate the normalizing and health
enhancing effects of this water.  On one hand it protects the liver against a serious toxin, and on the other hand it destroys cancer cells. This indicates an overall benefit to health.
1Tsai, C.F., et al. Hepatoprotective effect of electrolyzed-reduced water against carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage in mice. Food Chem Toxicology, 2009 August, 2031-3
 2Tsai, C.F., et al. Enhanced induction of mitochondrial damage and apoptosis (cell death) in human leukemia HL-60 cells due to electrolyzed-reduced water and glutathione. Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 2009 Feb, 280-7

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